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This Didn’t Happen Overnight

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

It started in late March 2018, when I woke one Sunday morning with a story in my head that I could not shake. Begging off yard work that day (we were still in clean up mode from Hurricane Irma), I sat down at my "Big Mac" and began. When I wasn't gardening, or to be clearer, repairing our gardens, I was working on the story and I did that continuously for the next 14 months, morning, noon and night. If stuck, I changed locations; from a computer to pen and paper, or from my desk to my dining room table. I wrote on trips, in the car, on airline flights, at the hairdressers, in Doctor’s offices and even at three o’clock in the morning, afraid to stop because the story kept coming. The main character woke me in the middle of the night, vying for my attention, and pushed other characters out of line to tell me about his life.

At first I thought the protagonists were two little red-headed girls, Patty and Merry, but that didn’t go very far, so I turned to their adopted mother, Grace. However, she grew up in the 40s and was a little too submissive to be the protagonist. She came into her own though and some of my Beta readers cheered as they watched her blossom into a confident, take-charge gal.

The protagonist turned out to be Ray, the adopted father to the little girls, and Grace’s second husband. He was the one who woke me in the middle of the night, butting in line. I’m still blown away at what he told me, because it seemed during his lifetime many people wanted to kill him. That was my first title for this book: Everyone Wants To Kill Ray.

It’s the end of September 2019, I’m in North Carolina living in my RV, watching the leaves change and finishing my 150th edit (it seems like).

I have a powerful pack of Beta Readers I am beholden to who have offered great

Editing in the fresh air outside my RV

suggestions, encouraged and challenged me on various situations in the story and I have learned something from every single one of them.

If you like suspense, crime, drama, family sagas and bad guys who curse a lot, there’s a lot of that in this book. If you like romance, sex, love, and babies, there’s a lot of that too. If you like spiritual and psychological... well, you can’t have all the above without the Universe weaving the good and bad together.

Writing a book isn't easy and now I face getting my story published. Join me as I wade through the many ways that can happen.

It’s going be a wild ride. Believe me.


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