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In the Midst of Trying Times

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

March 20, 2020

I've met some wonderful new people along this journey.

Having joined the Mystery Writers of America and unable to attend their Florida east coast chapter meetings, an opportunity to be part of a new chapter on our west coast opened up. The DOA Mystery Writers (Dead or Alive) comprises seasoned, published authors, and I sit among them unseasoned and unpublished learning all I can from them. They are generous in their advice and I have grown fond of them.

It was a privilege to help edit one of the DOA authors, David Tannenbaum's new book, Padre Puppets, which was a great read. He exposed me to first person writing and I am excited to think of my rewrite in that fashion.

My new DOA group prompted me to put my manuscript chapters in a different order, so I tore the book apart, restructured it, eliminated characters that cluttered up the story line, and cut the word content without disturbing the plot line. But now I think it's time to send it to someone professional.

Because there are many different types of editors, it's best to choose the right one at the right time. First, I need my manuscript critiqued from an editor who understands "that good books must have a strong base, like plot intrigue, character engagement and a well- paced structure. " Lou Piccolo is the gal I chose. She's in Paris and lives during trying times with Covid-19 ravaging France and Italy. I pray she and her family are safe. I am positive that Lou will recommend rewriting and honestly, I look forward to it.

My DOA author friends are encouraging and have shared that while their first published manuscript took them approximately four years, after that they knew what they were doing and subsequent books took only a year.

I'm earning my stripes.

It's not over.

Stay safe,


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