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Actress in Marcus, the movie

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

June 10, 2019,

Well, a teeny bit actress. When hubby and I were offered the part of the "Nosy Neighbors" in the 2020 movie, "Marcus," we jumped at the chance. Marcus has won 16 awards and was nominated for 8 more. What a thrill it was to work with the director, J.R. Poli, actor Owen Miller as Marcus, and actress, KaTana Malone.

I also learned a lot about what goes on in making a film on site and all the things that can stop the filming. Here's a list of the things that happened during that day that caused reshoots.

  • Trains blowing their horns in the distance and planes flying overhead circling for the Miami airport, which obscured the dialogue. "Cut." We knew that was coming.

  • A child from the house next door who pitched a screaming tantrum for over a half hour. Everyone took a bathroom and refreshment break until it stopped.

  • Local residents walking their dogs in the opposite direction, whose pets decided they didn't want to share the sidewalk with another animal, declared all-out war on each other. That was a show by itself.

  • A passing car whose driver thought it was "cute" to blow his car's horn repeatedly. Geesh, Louise... grow up.

  • Another car on the next street whose muffler must have fallen off, or he was still living in the 50s with his obnoxious rumbling glass-packs. WTH Fonzie!

  • A third car with the radio bass turned up full volume, blasted rap music we could hear for blocks. Sigh and smack forehead.

  • And last but not least, an unknown person parked their car in front of the movie set's house early in the morning before the film crew arrived, and didn't retrieve it until way after five o'clock. Thank goodness they moved it just in time for the evening shoot scene when the nosy neighbors showed up!

All in all, it was an exciting day, filled with lots of talented people behind the cameras, as well as in front of them. Here are some of the pics I took that day.

Me, The director J.R. Poli, Lead Actor Owen Miller and Peter Wakem aka hubby.

(P.S. Remind me to never cut my hair this short again.)

March, 2020,

However, the" cherry on top" was attending the premier of the movie downtown Little Havana, in Miami, with our son, Peter Jr. (one of the Executive Producers) and his lovely wife, Mandy.

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