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Capturer of Light

Explorer of Unusual Places

Ginger spent her childhood curled up with a book or on the prowl through the local library, hunting for more mystery novels to take home. That delightful obsession followed her well into her young adult years when she stumbled upon historical romance, along with spy novels.


Later when her kids were just tots, she crafted tales for them, one of which revolved around a pair of spirited, red-headed twins.


As the years went by, her husband and she embarked on their entrepreneurial journey and Ginger’s writing evolved into a blend of product descriptions, marketing designs, web content, magazine articles and company manuals. She even wrote a nonfiction book that’s on its third printing – in both English and Spanish, with over 6,000 copies circulating.


Her artistic spirit was far from done. Fueled by her fascination of capturing the beauty of the world through a lens, she took up landscape photography. The result is a stunning portfolio showcased on her photo website. She also created heartwarming photo books for her loved ones and chronicled the unique way of life on Conch Key, a sixteen-acre island nestled in the Florida Keys. In September 2023, two of her photographs were displayed in the Photo Artists International 2023 Exhibition in Watford, England. You can glimpse her photographic talents at or follow the photographer link above.


Ginger’s story takes another twist as she travels back to her first love, the world of fiction. Her debut novel takes center stage with a tale that weaves those fiery red-headed twins into their adoptive father’s hidden mafia life.


“Trust No One, Promise Nothing” creates a narrative of a man yearning for a peaceful retirement from the Mafia, an impossible and unheard-of request, especially when his Mafia brothers discover he’s holding the keys to their darkest secrets and will stop at nothing to silence him. He’s also in the cross hairs of an off-duty detective who’s hot on his trail as he makes what he hopes is his last job for the Mafia, which threatens him, those he loves, and brings him to the brink of death.


This thrilling story is a blend of crime and intrigue, sprinkled with a dash of humor and a pinch of romance, all inspired by real-life Mafia families and infamous Florida criminals, such as Charley Wall. With a storyline that begs for a cinematic adaptation, it delves deep into the web of plot and character, exploring how our childhood experiences mold us, for better or worse, and our innate ability to evolve.


If you’re curious about what others think, take a peek at the glowing reviews in her Book Reviews section from Scott Deitche, a well-known mafia expert and author as well as Denise Meyers, a Cannes Film Festival Screenwriter, along with a detective, mental health counselor and numerous other readers.


Ginger’s blog is your exclusive backstage pass, inviting you to join her on this captivating journey towards publication as she navigates through all the things (like hurricanes) that life throws at her.


Subscribe below to witness her grand third act as she chases after her lifelong dream of storytelling.

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