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I spent my childhood either curled up with a book or scouring the local public library for more mystery novels to lug home. That habit continued well into my young adult years when I discovered historical romance novels.

I began writing short stories for my children when they were very young. One of those tales was about twins... two fiery red-headed little girls.

As my children grew up, my husband and I opened our own company and my writing career became filled with product and marketing materials, website content, magazine articles, and company manuals, along with a nonfiction book in its third printing.

Turning to my interest in landscape photography, I created a photo website and several photo books for family and friends, telling their stories through images. Over twenty-plus years, I documented the lifestyle of Conch Key, a sixteen-acre island in the Florida Keys See: or click the photographer link above.

I have now returned to my first love, fiction, by writing my debut novel about those red-headed twins and their adopted father's hidden life in the Mafia. 

TRUST NO ONE, PROMISE NOTHING  is about a man living a secret life who wants to retire with the woman he loves—but finds himself and his family in danger when his Mafia brothers discover he’s recorded their secrets and can expose them.

This story has crime/thriller elements, a sense of humor, and a romantic subplot, inspired by real mafia families and well-known Florida criminals such as Charley Wall. It has cinematic appeal and is both plot-and character-driven, exploring the long-lasting effects of childhood experiences: how they shape us—for better or worse—and our ability to change.

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My blog page invites you to accompany me on this wild ride as I journey towards publication. 

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