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Human beings should never be identified solely with their actions, everyone is worth more than the worse thing they've ever done.

                              Sister Helen Prejean

                       Author of Dead Man Walking

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Trust No One, Promise Nothing

Trust No One, Promise Nothing is a crime thriller with elements of humor and romance. It is about a Mafia soldier named Ray, who is a man with a dark past, two careers (one legitimate and one illegitimate), three families (one being the mafia), and the woman who exposes him.

It explores the long lasting effects of childhood experiences: how they shape us - for better or worse - and our ability to change.


A Bit About Me

Ginger Wakem’s writing career up until now has been in the world of business and non-fiction filled with product and marketing materials, website content, magazine articles, company manuals and a successful book on City and Well Water that’s in its second printing with over 4,000 copies out. She is also a well-known photographer, has created several photo books and documented the lifestyle of Conch Key, a sixteen-acre island in the Florida Keys, over a period of twenty plus years, which can be found on her photography website She documented her son’s journey with Tourette’s Syndrome, speaking at the TSA national convention and was interviewed by the BBC for their documentary on Tourette’s.

Her first novel Trust No One, Promise Nothing is a prickly story filled with bits and pieces of herself, her wisdom and at times her spark of naughty humor.



I am extremely proud to introduce my first novel, Trust No One, Promise Nothing. The Review tab at the top of this page gives you a few of my Beta readers thoughts on this story and my Blog tab explains my journey in the telling of this story. Please join me as I document taking it to publication by subscribing to my mailing list below.