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Gigi Langer, PhD Stanford University. Author of five teacher education books and the recent 

"50 Ways to Worry Less Now: Reject Negative Thinking to Find Peace, Clarity, and Connection", winner of the12th Annual National Indie Excellence Award, MI 

Everyone Wants to Kill Ray leads the reader through a tangle of blood relations that crisscross one another over several decades. There’s plenty of action with mafia, murders, adultery, drug-running, and adopted children born out of wedlock. But that’s not all. The author keeps you guessing as to who the good guys are as well as the bad guys. Everything is not what it seems. By the end, all the mysterious events and relations are untangled in a satisfying manner. 

Favorite sentence: A pleasant old rotted log, ferns and mushrooms sprouting out of its sides waited patiently for the ghosts of two young boys, brothers, to sit in communion and friendship again.

Linda Maran, Retired Detective Sergeant, Collier County Sheriff's Office, Fl

Everyone Wants To Kill Ray is definitely a must read. From the moment that you open this book, until you are finished, you are totally engrossed in the web of crime, deceit, lies, and anticipation of what will happen next! 

Favorite sentence: “He stole my sweater."

Cheryl Foster, Retired English Teacher, FL

I am a retired English teacher and an avid reader. I read this book from cover to cover in one sitting. I could not put it down. The suspense of this psychological thriller kept me mesmerized!

Favorite sentence: She reached under but stopped when she saw something very strange a little farther back—a baseball bat and tire iron from the garage were also lying side by side just beyond the dolls.

Hazel S. Smith, C.N.A., FL

I wasn't sure where this book was going when I read the first chapter, but I added my name to the list of who wanted to kill Ray. The plot kept me coming back anxious to find out what was going to happen next. If you like action crime novels then this one is definitely a must read. I could hardly put it down. There's got to be a sequel and a movie. Those action scenes are amazing!

Favorite sentence: This morning a liberated, confident and strong Grace woke up feeling like a brave lioness determined to be in control of her own life.

Patricia Discher, Business Owner,  IA

The different people, their secrets and their intertwining relationships had me from the beginning. I wasn't sure where the author was going when the mafia was introduced but was so invested by that point I hung in there and soon learned how much of an integral part of the plot they actually were. This book has a bit of everything for women and men, from childbirth and its difficulties to gruesome mafia gangland murders. I definitely wanted to kill Ray along with whoever else was after him.

Favorite sentence: "Hey buddy, I’ve come to give you some good news and a whole shit load of bad news."

Jewel Miller, Collier County Sheriff's Office, Exploitation Unit (Sex Offenders and Predators), FL

I wasn't sure about reading this novel. Once I got past the second chapter, I couldn't put this book down! I read it in five days, which is rare for me. When Ray began to take a turn, I found myself actually liking him, even though I still didn't want to. The relationships he built were deep and true. His methods, though very unconventional, were viable. Ray had a conscience. He needed to have others forgive him but more than that - he needed to forgive.

Favorite sentence: "As for forgiveness, to know how it feels for the girls to forgive you, you must experience forgiving someone you hate as well."

Debbie O’Dean, Retired Financial Advisor, IL

Hidden in the pages of this action-packed crime thriller is a story about a woman whose world has never been what it appeared to be, from a secret bodyguard after her father’s sudden death when she was a child to the secret lives both her husbands kept hidden from her. When something happens that reveals the deceit, she decides to take control of her own life and ends up finding true love for the first time. Action, crime, mystery, romance – this book has something to satisfy every reader. Enjoy!

Favorite sentence: Guilty of being negligent, stupid, irresponsible, foolish, careless, blind, shallow, lazy, naive, an idiot, a coward and a terrible mother, when she finished beating herself up, she decided that last night’s devastating discoveries and the mental breakdown she came very close to facing—for the second time in her life—was punishment enough.

Frank DeMare, Retired Steel Executive. MI

A thriller that features romance, revenge and clever twists that kept me in suspense to the end!

Favorite Sentence: Shaking his head in dismay, Santo told his bodyguards, "before we go, put Vito's body in the trunk of the car, give Ray his sweater but leave the stupid goon here for now."

Jessie Yanson, RN, Pediatric Nurse, IL

Perhaps being from Chicago, with its rich history of organized crime, has something to do with the fact that I have always been interested in the crime genre when it comes to books. While Everyone Wants To Kill Ray does include that genre, it has it all; suspense, family drama, romance, and history, something to please everyone. From the first chapter I was instantly hooked on both the story line and the characters. If you want to read a book that draws you in and is an absolute page-turner, Everyone Wants To Kill Ray is the one to read!

Favorite sentence: Is this all there is? she thought and realized her life was stretching out in front of her in a big flat line and she couldn’t see any signs of it getting better.

Marilyn D. Reynolds, MS, Licensed Mental Health Counselor,  FL

Everyone Wants To Kill Ray is teeming with suspense, murder, mayhem, betrayal, abandonment, revenge, codependency, remorse, courage, romance and personal growth.The first chapter leads us into the dark and deplorable world of abuse, making it difficult to continue. Yet shortly thereafter, the author utilizes her exceptional insight to reveal the characters personal histories and explore the childhood traumas which were instrumental in shaping their personalities, choices and actions. She reminds us that perpetrators can also be victims and is able to evoke compassion for the most despicable persons, especially Ray. This book is a must read!
Favorite sentence: "One of my favorite passages is from the Count of Monte Cristo, ‘It doesn’t matter if you believe in God, He believes in you.”

Celine Johnson, Librarian and Media Specialist, FL

This story brilliantly transports us back to a time during the heyday of Tampa filled with gangsters, drugs, and deception. Everybody Wants To Kill Ray is a captivating story about how the seemingly insignificant decisions we make every day can change the course of our lives forever. This is definitely a must read!

Favorite sentence: "Well, I’ve been playing The Long Game for sixteen years against you and your crazy old grandfather and guess what…I win…but…I digress."

Fidel Deforte, Technology Solutions Architect, FL

ggwakem’s book, Everyone Wants To Kill Ray is a fascinating and exciting read that kept me intrigued and anxious, itching to turn the page. The author is very detailed in all areas of the story, such that I vividly immersed myself into the scenes and activities as a silent spectator. Emotionally connected to the key players, I experienced surprise, anger, joy, frustration and relief as the story unfolded. With just the right amount of “R Rated” content, the author ensured that this story is real and very imaginable in today’s world.

Favorite sentence: "The difference between us is I used, fake it – until you make it, and you used, screw you – you blew it."

Jeff Manz, Attorney and Real Estate Broker, NC

The first sentence of Chapter Two was a page turner. I had to know where a plot can go with a statement like that. The story line, with lots of characters over multiple generations, moves quickly with many twists and turns, which left me wanting to know what would happen next. As an avid reader of mysteries and suspense novels, I found this book's genre also included adventure, crime and even romance. I firmly support the author in her endeavor to get this book published. I was glued to the end and really enjoyed it.

Favorite sentence: The twins were almost ten years old when they decided to kill Ray.